Our Data Science Services

AI Knowledge

Lunch and Learn Events

  • One-hour events includes: overview of AI, business use case examples, and considerations for an AI strategy

AI Knowledge

Workshop Events

AI for Executives Workshop (covers general AI)

  • Process for developing strategy and roadmap

  • Data Engineering - concepts and techniques

  • Data Science - concepts, algorithms and uses

AI for Engineers Workshop

  • One day workshop for engineers

  • Hands on with Anaconda and Spyder or VC Code IDEs

  • Introduction to AI/ML model development.

Hands-on Workshop 

  • Limited to 10 engineers with previous experience required: Python Skills, CS knowledge, Basic AI concepts

Next-Level Analytics Strategy

Data Acquisition Strategy

2predict works with you to provide:

  • Insights (basic and advanced)

  • Sample of cleaned up (“denoised”) datasets

  • Data audit and gap analysis

  • Roadmap to get to problems/questions

Customer provides: 

  • Datasets

  • Ideally, what problems/questions you would like to use data to help solve

Next-Level Analytics Strategy

Analytics Roadmap

2predict works with customer to develop roadmap consisting of:

  • Insights

  • Data audit and gap analysis 

  • Data acquisition strategy and roadmap

  • Analytics roadmap

Customer provides: 

  • Datasets

  • Product pitch and value prop

  • Competitive matrix and positioning

Proof of Concept (POC)

Data Insights, Data Gap Analysis, Basic Models

Proof of Concept where goal is to show what is possible with sample datasets.


2predict works with you to provide:

  • Insights (basic and advanced)

  • Sample of cleaned up (“denoised”) datasets

  • Data audit and gap analysis

  • An analysis as to what needs to be done to get to predictive models

Inference Models

AI Algorithm Derived Statistical Models

  • Where simple descriptive analytics method fails, use advanced statistical models to observe clusters of patterns, classify data points of interest, discover strong and weak correlations and disprove certain hypothesis

Model Maintenance

  • Updates with latest datasets and tweaking of existing models, no new models

Learning Models

Predictive Models

Bespoke predictive models. Delivery includes:

  • Denoised datasets

  • Advanced insights

  • Predictive models

  • Knowledge transfer, including code and algorithm walkthrough

Prediction as a Service includes:

  • Model maintenance, regular predictions and regular reporting

Consultative Services
  • Fractional Chief Scientist

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