What does 2predict do?

  • 2predict is a data science services company providing custom predictive models, that deliver next-level advanced insights and data gap analysis commanding highly valued, data driven decisions, which truly impact businesses.


How much experience do you have?

  • Our team of experts have decades of experience in Machine Learning (ML), Deep Learning  and Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithmic and model development; including the use of Python open source libraries, and creating custom algorithms to address your specific needs. We possess many years of industry specific experience that spans digital security, high performance computing, networking, supply chain, marketing, oil and gas, and transportation.


What are your fees?

  • We operate on a per project basis, delivering outcome based predictive analytics solutions. No large contracts, no extended engagement requirements, no time and materials based engagement; just quantifiable results at predictable costs. Our projects pay for themselves!


We have budget constraints. How can we justify using your services?

  • We will work with you in defining high ROI projects. 2predict’s projects pay for themselves with actionable foresights that drive high-valuebusiness decisions, significantly improve your operational efficiencies and/or drive revenues. We believe in helping you drive value so if you don’t see it, you don’t pay.


How much time will a project take?

  • We work with you to scope a proof of concept project; typically, where results can be shown in a 3-6-month range, depending on complexity of project and availability of data quality. After this initial assessment period where you get to witness our outcomes and capabilities, we will work with you in defining projects that matter to you.


What is your process?

  • A typical engagement consists of five phases:

  1. Requirements Gathering: Collect requirements and gain understanding of your data landscape, then agree on a statement of work.

  2. Consultation and Planning: Define the implementation and data scrubbing needs, as well as the algorithms in need of refinement.

  3. Model Development and Implementation: Design, architect and deliver the data analytics infrastructure along with any necessary tools, technologies and algorithms to provide the desired outcomes. This may include building custom solutions.

  4. Model Refinement: Customize and refine your infrastructure leveraging machine learning, deep learning and NLP techniques, and modify the data and processing models until new and unexpected outcomes are achieved.

  5. Knowledge Handoff and Education: We help setup the development environment, walk through some of the algorithms and models and teach you how to play with the inputs and observe the outcomes. This level of knowledge handoff may require special skills but we will customize it based on the skills available on your team.


What type of projects do you work on?

  • Optimize Margins: Optimize your supply chain, reduce expedited freight charges, improve RMA forecasting, reduce warranty costs, and increase operational efficiency.

  • Drive Revenue: Improve sales forecasting, lead conversion analysis and channel performance, reduce customer churn rates. Don’t lose customers maximize your position.

  • Reduce Unscheduled Downtime: Predict equipment failure and reduce costs associated with unscheduled downtimes, reduce number of standby-parts required for unscheduled downtimes, maintenance awareness and productiveness.


Have you worked on projects in my industry? Do you have domain experience in my industry?

  • In addition to our team of experts having decades of hands-on data science experience, the 2predict’s team are experts in HPC, cybersecurity, networking, automotive, insurance, and energy (oil, gas and alternative energy) industries. We make use of other domain experts and rely on subject matter experts within your company to provide guidance that is specific to your special situation.


How are you different from other data science/analytics companies?

  • We design and deploy platform agnostic, customsolutions based on open source and best of breed data science platforms and tools, which are easy for you to extend, maintain and support. You are never locked in to a platform.

  • Our core expertise/IP is data science “know-how”; PhDs (and other advanced degrees) that know the open source tools available, know-how to develop algorithms and know-how to create predictive models.


We have our own data science/analytics team. What can you do for me?

  • Our data scientists offer unmatched skills and experience at a fraction of the cost of you hiring and maintaining data scientists in house. We use ML (supervised, unsupervised reinforcement learning), Deep Learning (CNN, RNN, LSTM), NLP and all the modern data science tools. We can augment your existing team in complex projects or at peak times, bringing deep and specific skill sets to existing or new projects.


Our data is not well-structured; can you still work with us?

  • Our service offering includes complete data engineering and data science services. Data cleansing, engineering, gap analysis, predictive and descriptive analytics are all part of our process. We make suggestions for processes of future data collections where appropriate.


Can you work with us if we do not want to let our data off-site for security reasons?

  • Yes. Our engagement model supports on-site and full off-site interaction with our customers and your data. We operate with a strict security protocol regardless of how we engage in the data management. In the requirement gathering phase we will evaluate together with your team the resources needed for the project execution including the conditions for remote access or on-site work.


What are our options for accessing my data?

  • Typically, we can access your data as follows:

  1. Put it on AWS

  2. Give us a SSD where we can load it on our own servers

  3. Give VPN access to your server that resides inside your firewall


Will your data scientists work at least partly on-site?

  • We are flexible in deploying our technical resources per a statement of work.