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Customer Case Studies

Energy Multinational Saves Millions with AI

  • Fortune 500, multinational energy corporation wanted to improve drilling efficiency by reducing drill bit failures and achieving better drilling penetration rates and completions. 

  • The client was experiencing extremely costly failures in well drilling and completions. 

  • The company assembled a task force and enlisted the help of advanced analytics solutions provider 2predict, who developed a statistical model that provided insight and enabled advanced warning of impending drill bit failures.

AI for Impactful Marketing

  • How machine learning improves audience engagement, lead conversion and business outcome.

  • In this ebook, we’ll look at each application in detail and provide concrete examples of how marketers can achieve better outcomes by leveraging AI techniques in each of these areas.


A Convolutional Neural Network for Detecting Sea Turtles in Drone Imagery

-- David J. Klein PhD --

Applying Computer Vision and Deep Learning to the Art of Boxing

-- Cedric Fraces Gasmi --

Improved Time-Series Decline Curve Analysis for Oil Production Using Recurrent Neural Network

-- Cedric Fraces Gasmi --

Intelligent Ranking Tool for Analogue Classification in the
Oil and Gas Industry

-- Cedric Fraces Gasmi --