• We build next-level analytics solutions for our customers, operate on a per project basis, deliver outcome-based predictive solutions, and our projects pay for themselves!

  • 2predict’s team of experts have decades of experience in Machine Learning (ML) algorithmic development, including the use of Python open source libraries, and creating custom algorithms to address specific customer needs.


  • We use ML (supervised, unsupervised reinforcement learning), Deep Learning (CNN, RNN, LSTM), NLP, and all the modern data science tools.

  • Our data scientists offer unmatched skills and experience at a fraction of the cost of you hiring and maintaining data scientists in house.

Predictive Analytics

Leverage neural networks to predict equipment failures, optimal points of presence, target customers, production and yield performance.

Image Processing

Build insightful visualizations and extract features from image and video data collected via drone, satellite, aircraft or fixed location. Experience with noisy and intermittent data from harsh or remote environments.

Computer Vision

Detect, classify and identify objects or events utilizing multi-spectral cameras, LiDAR or other imagery.

Sensor Fusion

Integrate diverse sensor and signal data – audio, vibration, location, accelerometer, environment, etc. – to enhance insights and predictive models.

Lumen Insights Solutions

Working with our partner LCS, we help merchants leverage their payment processing data in other areas of their business -- providing next-level analytics and actionable insights to optimize customer service, product presentation, inventory management and marketing campaigns.

Your Challenges

  • You have plenty of data but feel that you’re not utilizing it to drive your business decisions.

  • Your competitors have higher margins/revenue and are already optimizing their business based on data in hand.

  • You don’t have a dedicated and experienced data science team.

  • Big Data projects are cost prohibitive.

Our Services

  • We use AI techniques to uncover insights from your big data.

  • We use advanced algorithms and create predictive models to drive your decisions.

  • We have a skilled team of data scientists.

  • Our projects pay for themselves!

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Next-Level Analytics

  • Reduce Unscheduled Downtimes -- Predict equipment failure and reduce costs associated with unscheduled downtimes, reduce number of standby-parts required for unscheduled downtimes

  • Increase Margins -- Optimize supply chain, reduce expedited freight costs, improve RMA forecasting and reduce warranty costs

  • Increase Revenue -- Improve sales forecasts, increase lead conversion, increase channel performance and reduce customer churn


-- our backgrounds and domain experience --
2predict’s prestigious team are experts in HPC, cybersecurity, networking, automotive, insurance, and energy (oil, gas and alternative energy). We are a gathering of operating executives and technologists from eight publicly traded companies and 22 successful startups, including ChargePoint, SGI, ESI, CloudCar, LogLogic, Core Mobility and Siemens. Collectively, the team has been granted 21 patents and published 40 research papers.

Praveen Mandal

CEO and Founder

ChargePoint, SGI, Lucent,
MIT Connection Science Fellow,
5 startups (2 founded), 10 patents

Linda Khachooni


CloudCar, Core Mobility,
19Labs, Privacera, SpeechInk,
6 startups

Christian Tanasescu

GM European Operations

ESI, Nuancive,
SGI, Mineset,
1 patent

Lynette Mandal

VP Marketing

ChargePoint, Savari,
LogLogic, Redback,
4 startups

Andrew Bose

Head of Business Development

Cobalt Networks,
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David J Klein, PhD

Chief Scientist

Deep Learning Expert: 
Audience, Inc., Ersatz Labs,
Conservation Metrics,
40 research papers, 4 startups, 10 patents

Cedric Fraces

Advisor, Energy Sector

Stanford University PHD Candidate,
Total, Schlumberger, QRI

Traian Rebedea, PhD

Senior Data Scientist

Autonomous Systems,
DataGraph, Wholi,
University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest

Costin-Gabriel Chiru, PhD

Senior Data Scientist

Vivre DECO, UPB, Beagle Inc., 
University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest

Ionel Alexandru Hosu

Senior Data Scientist

Beyond Data, Vivre DECO,
RID Information Technology,
Vector Watch,
University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest
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Let's work together and drive your business with next-level analytics solutions.

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