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Next-Level Analytics Solutions

for Your AI-Led Journey

  • We build next-level analytics solutions for our customers, operate on a per project basis, deliver outcome-based predictive solutions, and our projects pay for themselves!


  • 2predict’s team of experts have decades of experience in Machine Learning (ML) algorithmic development, including the use of Python open source libraries, and creating custom algorithms to address specific customer needs.

  • We use ML (supervised, unsupervised reinforcement learning), Deep Learning (CNN, RNN, LSTM), NLP, and all the modern data science tools.

  • Our data scientists offer unmatched skills and experience at a fraction of the cost of you hiring and maintaining data scientists in house.

Your Challenges

  • You have plenty of data but feel that you’re not utilizing it to drive your business decisions.


  • Your competitors have higher margins/revenue and are already optimizing their business based on data in hand.

  • You don’t have a dedicated and experienced data science team.

  • Big Data projects are cost prohibitive.

Our Services

  • We use AI techniques to uncover insights from your big data.

  • We use advanced algorithms and create predictive models to drive your decisions.

  • We have a skilled team of data scientists.

  • Our projects pay for themselves!

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Next-Level Analytics

  • Reduce Unscheduled Downtimes -- Predict equipment failure and reduce costs associated with unscheduled downtimes, reduce number of standby-parts required for unscheduled downtimes

  • Increase Margins -- Optimize supply chain, reduce expedited freight costs, improve RMA forecasting and reduce warranty costs

  • Increase Revenue -- Improve sales forecasts, increase lead conversion, increase channel performance and reduce customer churn